This system can either be used as a Game Show System or as an Audience Response System. Includes up to 10 buzzers.

As a Digital Audience Response System, spread 10 buzzers throughout the room, get into pairs or small groups and let the fun begin! Or use this magnificent system as a great way to bring the excitement of a game show into your next event.

As a Game Show System, it works with any of these games:

Trivia Board
Trivia board takes Jeopardy to a whole new level with a similar style board and over 100 other options to control the game’s functionality, appearance, and variations of game play. Trivia Board supports text questions, audio question (for name that tune formats), video clips (for name that video formats), and pictures (for name the object formats).

Trivia Square
Trivia Squares is similar to Hollywood Squares – A trivia based tic-tac-toe game. With over 30 variations of game play, you will be able to keep each round of trivia fresh and unique. Some of the options include a 3 x 3 grid (like tic-tac-toe) up to a 5 x 6 grid and up to 3 contestant contestants playing simultaneously (X’s, O’s, and Triangles). This game can be utilized as a question and answer trivia game or as a physical challenge type format. This game is also popular among Name that Tune, Battle of the Sexes, and Picture This enthusiasts.

Trivia Feud
This game is similar to America’s Feud game, and UK’s Fortune game. A question appears and contestants have to guess accurately any of the possible multiple answers that are available. These multiple answers usually come in the form of survey results. 3 wrong answers and the opposing team has a chance to steal the points. Trivia Feud comes with 40 rounds of surveys and includes a powerful editor to add your own.

Trivia Fortune
This game is similar to Wheel of Fortune, and much like ‘Hang Man’, whereby the letters of a popular phrase are hidden, and the phrase requires solving. An additional feature, like TV’s ‘Press Your Luck’ (“NO WHAMMIES”), creates additional excitement for contestants to try to get top dollar for their selected letters. Trivia Fortune comes with 50 sample rounds and an editor to create your own custom hidden phrases.