I Hart Nutrition 101: Wellness Workshop – In Jordana’s interactive 1-hour wellness workshop, she covers the basics of nutrition, self care, what to eat in a day, and tips for employees to stay healthy while working from home! The workshop is split into two parts – part one of the workshop includes a presentation on food, health and wellness, and part two includes an interactive goal setting session. Everyone receives a digital pamphlet, which Jordana will send to the company/department in advance. Price $600-$995.00 depending on length of time and deliverables.

A little about Jordana: Jordana is a Holistic Nutritionist, wellness expert and founder of IHARTNUTRITION INC. With over 9 years of industry and practitioner experience, Jordana strives to maintain a healthy, yet balanced lifestyle and seeks to inspire others with her achievable approach to health and nutrition. IHARTNUTRITION explores Jordana’s latest discoveries in health & wellness, cooking, beauty and fitness.

In her corporate wellness workshop, Jordana helps women and men incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives. From making healthy choices in the workplace, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working from home, Jordana highlights simple tips to maximize your well being and have you feeling great and performing at your best.

Going virtual this year?  We’ve got you covered!

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