Are you looking to host a virtual team building event, employee appreciation party, or interactive virtual event? Look no further than our Hart Hunt Virtual Scavenge! Plan an incredible virtual party that will build morale in the ‘virtual’ workplace and engage your team!

Here’s how it works:

  • Users can login to either our hosting platform or your meeting platform, where they’re greeted by our professional host, who manages the game and engages with your guests.
  • Individuals or teams competing will be asked by our host to find interesting personal effects in their home or office. Each participant will be provided with an app that will turn your smartphone into an interactive buzzer to buzz in with answers.
  • Using our interactive buzzing system, host allows first 5 contestants to answer. Example “Find a coffee mug with a picture of someone on it?” Host might ask contestant to explain where mug is from. Based on our hosts scavenger technique , contestant reveal some personnel fun information on themselves that their coworkers never new before. Question: Do you have a pet living with you? Our Host will maximize the fun out of the hunt!
  • To win the game, your team must have produced the most findings and answer the quickest. Great for co-workers to learn more about each other.
  • Includes sounds and visual effects for an authentic gaming experience!

Great for 2-4 teams of 20-100 players.

In our unique version of VIRTUAL Scavenger Team Building , you’ll build morale in the virtual workplace, while offering a fun and interactive gaming experience!

A little about our Virtual Events: Hart Entertainment offers interactive live entertainment for any type of event! Whether you’re looking to build morale in the ‘virtual’ workplace, or celebrate a special occasion with an intimate gathering, our curated selection of live entertainment will bring some much-needed normalcy to your special event! Virtual Entertainment is offered over Zoom, or your online platform of choice. Book us for your next virtual event, and we’ll guide you through every step of the way to ensure it’s easy, accessible, and fun for your audience!