Game Show Mania!

You’ve watched game shows for years and often times, viewers of these shows say to themselves “these questions are easy, I should be on that show”! Well, step up to the plate, because Hart Entertainment has just the thing you have been waiting for! Hart Entertainment’s, Game Show Mania can be used for two main purposes:

Fun & Entertainment – Training & Education.

A 3 to 4 person set up complete with digital sound effects, players microphones, lock-out buttons, flashing chase lights, remote scoring system and more. Add GAME SHOW MANIA to your next event and entertain your guests in a unique and exciting way. This system is the ultimate tool for audience motivation and interactive entertainment. Play practically any type of quiz or trivia game in individual or team play mode…..imagine the possibilities! The topics are endless, limited only by your imagination. We can even custom design the topics, questions and answer specifically for your event!

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